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June 21, 2011 / comocyclechic


On me: Top, Forever 21; Skirt, thrifted; shoes, Dillard’s In the bag: wallet, e-reader, mp3 player, lipstick, body spray, shorts in case the skirt didn’t work out


Okay, day two. I rode to work and asked a coworker to take some cell phone photos when I got there. I felt awfully disruptive at the office so I think I’ll try to do something else tomorrow.

Anyway, I had some pretty gnarly pit stains when I got to work. A friend’s recommendation of Mitchum is just not cutting it so I’ll be switching to something else when it’s time. If I had to do this ride again I would store my top in my handbag and cycle in the cami and skirt. I would have felt a lot fresher at the office. The skirt didn’t get caught in my rear spokes like I thought it would and made for a nice, modest commute.

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