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June 29, 2011 / comocyclechic


On me: Shirt, New York & Co.; Pants, New York & Co.; Sandals, Walmart; Wedges, Old Navy. In the bag: leftovers from last night's Chicken Ceasar Pasta Salad, wedges, wallet, e-reader, audiobook discs, bike lock, lip stuff and body spray.


Two things:

1. It is way too hot to be cycling in pants.

2. Wedges may be great for cycling in style, but anything with a platform causes problems for me.

I love me a good wedge shoe when I’m on the bike. I don’t have to worry about the pedal slipping from the ball of my foot, and I don’t have to change shoes when I get where I’m going. But I also don’t feel comfortable en route unless I can fully extend my leg at the end of my stroke. Platforms cramp my style.I can ride in them, but I just don’t feel comfortable.

So it was another day with some major shoes and an unusual lunch weighing down my bag. I didn’t even end up eating the salad. It got left in the fridge at work while I cycled (in the wedges) to Gumby’s to have lunch with my brother, sister and son.

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