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July 6, 2011 / comocyclechic


On me: Tank top, Forever 21; Cardigan, Gap; Slacks, New York & Co.; Shoes, Shoe Carnival. In the bag, cosmetics, electronics, Ramen. Cat, Pearl.


I went on a coffee run this afternoon, and the cashier complimented me on my tank top. I was really flattered until she said, “It just looks so…COMFORTABLE!”

It is a comfortable shirt, but if the apparent comfort of a look is the first thing someone notices I don’t necessarily think that’s a great thing. Next time I think I’ll tuck the shirt in or belt it. Or maybe I should wear it with a slim pant. Other than that this was remarkably easy to ride in. I didn’t pack any clothes or shoes in the bag aside from the cardigan. So, not the most successful work ensemble, but it sure was comfortable.

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