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July 14, 2011 / comocyclechic

Blood Drive Thursday

On me: Dress, gift; Scarf belt, gift; Shoes, Shoe Carnival. In the bag: the usual plus a thing of Ramen

I probably haven’t worn this shirt dress since before my pregnancy. I kept it around in the hopes  of being able to button it up again, and today was the day! It’s perfect for warm-weather cycling too. It’s a thin, light-weight cotton thing that’s just the right length and hem circumference to keep me comfortable but covered up during the ride. I added this gifted scarf instead of the matching belt it came with and called it an outfit.

We had a blood drive at work today, and I participated! I wasn’t sure if I would feel okay to ride home after donating, but I made a point to drink lots of water and juice and eat a banana before heading back home. I intended to take it easy, but ended up getting home a little faster than usual. Maybe I should have a banana at the end of every work day.

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