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July 25, 2011 / comocyclechic

The mother of all Mondays

Dress and belt, H&M; Shoes, Plato

This is the one and only photo I got before my camera battery died. Before that my son pooped his pants on the way to the sitter’s house. Before all that happened my husband, the resident bike tinkerer, reported that there was a problem with my regular bike’s rear tire and he would not have time to repair it for a couple days.

Luckily my husband keeps the backup bike in excellent working condition, and it’s fun to ride! I also made a sartorial discovery: tying a scarf on the pocketbook will make a lady feel really, really pretty! It fluttered in the breeze, and brightened up an otherwise dark outfit. I had half a mind to tie it into my hair once I got to work, but liked looking at it too much to remove it from my bag.

Since this dress is of the faux-wrap variety, I threw on some bike shorts underneath. I had worried they would make me hot – they did to an extent – but they kept me from worrying about my modesty and let me focus on the nuances of riding a bike that I’m not so used to.

The handy husband, a scarf and a generous glass of Shiraz have salvaged this horrible Monday.

Update: I should mention that the Shiraz came at the end of the work day, not before I left for work.



  1. MzPez / Jul 26 2011 9:11 am

    Today I have on a sleeveless satin black button up blouse with shirt tails and a collar; black capris;black leather lacy belt with silver buckle over the shirt tails, and i found I have black sling back shoes with a silver buckle. For my job, I can’t go crazy with jewelry but I did find some silver earrings…I feel very comfy in this outfit.


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