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August 2, 2011 / comocyclechic

“It’s so hot out. Why aren’t you sweating?”

Tank top, Old Navy; Ancient skirt, Gap; Blazer, Macy's; Flats, Plato's Closet; Platform pumps that you can't really see, Vanity

See? I have not soaked through my shirt - even after a two-mile bike ride in the 110-degree heat.


It is the hottest day in 20 years. Since I knew it was going to be stifling outside and frigid inside the office I just tossed my jersey blazer and some fun platform pumps into my basket and threw those on out by the bike rack just after I locked up my bike at work. Easy and effortless.

I also included a picture of myself from the first five minutes after I arrived at home after work. It may have been well over 100 degrees outside, and I may have just biked two miles, but I wasn’t that sweaty. If you ride slowly and do a great deal of coasting it’s really not that hard to keep the sweat from ruining your outfit for the day.

Sure, the makeup could have used a touch up, but it really could be worse. Since i don’t like to carry a lot of cosmetics with me I normally just touch up my lipstick, use that same lipstick as rouge and blot my forehead if I need to be somewhere.

I just shake my hair out, and it retains its shape pretty well.


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