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August 3, 2011 / comocyclechic

Who wears a tube top to work? This gal!

Tube top, H&M; Pants, Old Navy; Cardigan, Old Navy; Shoes, Plato's Closet; Necklace, Forever 21; Earrings, Target; Sunglasses, Old Navy

I have a teething toddler who requires a great deal of undivided attention. He cut five teeth within the last week, and today was extra clingy. So, this morning, instead of getting ready while my boy played with his toys, I held my little dude, watched Sesame Street and ate toast with him. We were having a great time until I looked up at the living room clock and realized I only had 30 minutes until we had to leave the house. I was still in my jammies.

I flew through the shower and stood in front of my closet for a moment wishing I could just wear my striped bandage skirt to the office. During the subsequent eye roll/sigh combo my eyes fell on these white cotton pants and bright cardigan, and I decided to turn this skirt into a top! Perfect for a bike ride on a hot, hot day and the cardi was easy to shrug into when I arrived at the office.

My hair has lots of these short little curls that frizz more often than not. When I’m wearing my hair down they’re easy to disguise, but when I’m wearing a ponytail it’s harder to keep them in check. When I got to work I just stopped by the ladies room, ran my fingers under some cold water and ran them over my hair to reactivate the product that glues them down.

Not too shabby for getting ready in 30 minutes, huh?


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  1. Lea / Aug 7 2011 2:10 am

    One of my favorite outfits, sis. 🙂

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