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August 14, 2011 / comocyclechic

I didn’t always wear my helmet

On the husband: T-shirt, Target; Shorts, Forever 21; Chucks, Journeys; Helmet, Giro. On the boy: T-shirt, gifted from Aunt Lynn; Shorts, thrifted; Shoesocks, gifted from my mom; Helmet, Giro. On me: Shirt, Gap; Skinnies, Forever 21; Flats, Swank; Scarf, thrifted; Helmet, Bell. Cat, Pearl

For the first couple of years I biked to work vanity prevented me from wearing my helmet. I was too worried about looking dorky and about my hair. An accident and a baby changed my  mind, though. I learned how to artfully shove my hair underneath the helmet and arrive at my destination with it looking okay.

There are a number of companies out there trying to chicify bike helmets, but I still think they’re on the dorkier end of the spectrum. Bern makes some pretty cool-looking ones and Yakkay does this thing with a basic helmet with interchangeable covers that look like hats, but it is still a helmet and still fairly uncool. Ah, well. I like mine well enough.

Hovding is making an inflatable bike helmet. If this were available here in Como I’d  have one already, though I don’t think I would replace my son’s traditional helmet with one.

We went out on a family outing to the library this afternoon. Our boy really likes his bike seat, and has started looking around and pointing at things along our route, which is a fun new development. We’ll get a lot of milage out of it now that the weather isn’t too unbearably hot.

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