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August 23, 2011 / comocyclechic

Black and white

Button down, Banana Republic; Old lady pants, Macy's; T-shirt, it's a maternity shirt; Shoes, Dillards

I have decided to rewatch all of the available episodes of Mad Men on Netflix, and am enamored of the fashion. Again. It always happens when I watch that show.  It gave me a newfound appreciation for my old lady pants. I also decided to try out the knotting-your-button-down trend, which made me feel unexpectedly awesome and worked really well with the slacks, I think. A coworker even paid me a compliment on how flattering the pants were. I might have to get another pair.

Anyway, it was too hot to bike in the button down so I wore a maternity t-shirt that a friend embellished for me and changed when I got to the office. Funny how a longer shirt makes my legs look approximately 9-inches long.

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