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September 7, 2011 / comocyclechic

Guest post: The mid-day commute

Today’s post is courtesy of my friend and coworker Caroline,  who manages to look cute and spunky on the bike, but totally put together in the office. 

I’ve been driving a lot lately. My new routine has me heading home every day at lunchtime to let my dog out. Because I have a longish commute (5 miles, or 20-30 minutes, each way), it’s not practical to cycle to work, cycle home and then cycle back to work. However, a friend pointed out that I could drive in the morning and then ride my bicycle back to work if I ate a fast lunch after I walked my dog. Today I decided to give it a whirl.

When I started riding my bike earlier this summer, I would give myself plenty of time to get to the newsroom, change into my work clothes and fix my hair and makeup. But I’m not just coming to work now; I’m returning from a lunch break and I don’t want to do a full wardrobe change or mess around with my hair and makeup. So today I paired my work pants with a 5K t-shirt (it’s especially awesome because it’s made of that moisture-wicking stuff) and a pair of Converse All Stars.

I keep a couple pairs of heels in my desk (between black pumps and leopard peep-toes, I’ve got most occasions covered), so I didn’t have to carry any other shoes with me. I threw a shirt and a necklace plus some hair product and makeup into my messenger bag and headed out. Today was relatively cool, so I wasn’t the red-hot mess I usually am after my commute. I put on my shirt, changed my shoes, sprayed some dry shampoo into my hair and patted on a little powder and was good to go.

Shirt: Jay Dix Challenge To Cure t-shirt
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Converse
Messenger bag: Invict

Shirt: Banana Republic
Necklace: J. Crew
Earrings: Buchroeder’s
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Steve Madden

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