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September 13, 2011 / comocyclechic

Going with what works

Dress, belt, sunnies, Old Navy; Handbag, Miche; Shoes, gifted

Y’all have seen this outfit before. Normally I try to mix things up a bit, but I had a heckuva busy day today, and decided to go with something that makes me feel pretty and confident, but is super easy. I actually drove a lot more than I biked today, drove the car to the mechanic, biked to talk to a Stephen’s College class, biked for a coffee then to the office then back to the mechanic, drove to the sitter’s then to the grocery store then – at last – back home. You can’t be fussing with your outfit if you gotta do all that.

The highlight of my day happened at Kaldi’s when some nice lady sent her husband over to me to ask where I got my dress because she liked it so much and wanted one just like it. It was so sweet and so flattering. I wonder what they thought when they saw me hurry out to the bike, tuck my hair under my helmet and pedal away.

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