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September 22, 2011 / comocyclechic

Sorta short

On my boy, Tee and cords, Old Navy; Shoesocks, gift from Grammy. On me, Tunic, Plato's Closet; Belt, Maude Vintage; Tights, couldn't tell you; Boots, thrifted

It wasn’t until just now that I realized how short my tunic is and how see-through my tights are. I need to invest in some brown tights that are truly opaque.

Anyway, you might think cycling in such a short garment might made me nervous about accidentally revealing more of myself than is decent. When I’m on the bike the hem pulls across my legs in such a way that it stays in place without the need of a mindful hand or any degree of worrying, which can be rather distracting and therefore dangerous during a commute. And if I was worried about anyway, the bike basket makes a great shield.

Also, I realize I’ve been emphasizing the difficulties of parenting a toddler what with the poopy bathtub and the temper tantrums brought on by extreme fatigue. I should say that my little one is absolutely delightful, and I couldn’t ask for a better son.

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