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September 30, 2011 / comocyclechic

Guest blogger: Bradd Anderson

I did ride my bike today, but my Twitter friend Bradd Anderson is also a bike commuter and was nice enough to write up his thoughts on his commute and how he stays looking nice once he gets to work.

Bradd assures me that he does not actually ride on the sidewalk. He's just posing for the camera here.


Crisp autumn mornings are great for biking in your work clothes.  The trick is to dress in layers, protect your clothing and pick your route.  My casual “vintage” sports jacket from J Riggins (circa 1992) can be just the right weight to keep warm, while a breathable cotton shirt and some basic khakis offer durability and comfort.  I flip the cuff up on the right side to avoid picking up any chain oil, but an inexpensive “ankle biter” strap can do a better job of keeping one’s pant leg out of the sprocket.  Fingerless leather gloves and a helmet are carryovers from my other pastime, motorcycling, through which I’ve learned that chance truly does favor the prepared mind.  A pair of sunglasses keeps any wayward bugs and falling leaves out of my eyes.

Whether you can hop on the trail from your own back yard or drive your bike to a trailhead and park the car, I recommend riding the MKT whenever possible.  The bicyclist on the street has to ride for themselves and drive for everyone else, but the trail allows for wandering thoughts and fewer stop signs.  If it’s been raining, a street route with bike lanes can be the best choice, but I always miss the trail’s beautiful trees, small bluffs, and unseen creatures that scurry further into the grass as I ride by.  Occasionally a deer might cross the path and, if one observes carefully, the well dressed bicyclist may pick up a “Well played, sir” in the deer’s appraising expression (some have Scottish accents).  Taking it slow through the standing water in the Stadium tunnel helps me get to my Providence exit point without mud splatters on my slacks and shoes.

Once at work, any trail dust can be easily wiped from my brown leather shoes and the ankle biter can become a wristband that passes for a watch at first glance.  The only person to notice will be my boss, who is also a fellow bicyclist.  The fingerless gloves may not stay with me for the day, but they help me pretend I’m cool as I’m walking from the bike rack to my office.  Sometimes I even remember to roll the cuff of my pant leg back down first.

Jacket: Vintage J Riggins
Shirt: GreatLand
Slacks: VanHeusen
Shoes: Bass



  1. Az Ruth / Oct 1 2011 10:31 am

    I”be known this man for many years. He loves his trail rides & has a wonderful zest for life ! Thanks for this write-up!


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