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October 8, 2011 / comocyclechic

How Fridays get away from me

On him, Shirt, H&M; Jeans, Old Navy; Shoes, Journeys. On me, Shirt, H&M; Cardi, Gap; Jeans, Forever 21; Shoes, Target

Here’s how Fridays normally go for me:

1. Wake up, slam some coffee and get as ready as I can before the little dude wakes up.
2. Go take a picture of Cody before he leaves.
3. Get little dude ready.
4. Finish getting myself ready.
5. Welcome Cody home and beg him to take a picture of me before I leave.
6. Bike to work.
7. Work.
8. Bike home.
9. Realize we have friends who actually want to hang out with us.
10. Hang out with friends (usually over pizza and beer).
11. Realize our living, breathing alarm clock does not have a snooze button.
12. Rush home and go to bed.

As you can see there is no time for blogging in my Friday schedule. It just occurred to me that I neglected my little web log as I watched the closing seconds of Missouri’s dismal game against Kansas State, and I’m filled with thoughts of Missouri’s bowl prospects (or lack thereof). Since my commute yesterday was uneventful I can remember nothing remarkable about my commute yesterday except for the remarkably beautiful weather.

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