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November 9, 2011 / comocyclechic

Even a bike ride couldn’t cure this day

I needed to take some milk to the sitter today so my son and I darted into the Gerbes on our way to the her house. Since we were only getting a half gallon and we were in a hurry I kept my boy in my arms (ever try to hold a toddler while hurrying through a store?) and rushed through the store. There were no express checkout lanes available so I just chose the shortest line and happened to fall in behind a woman with about 57 items in her cart. The clerk was efficient and friendly and the transaction was completed quickly enough, but the lady with the huge number of purchases decided to stay in the checkout lane and examine her receipt and argue the price of many of the items for which she was charged. After approximately 10 minutes of this  I discreetly got the clerk’s attention and asked her if I could just buy my milk while the crazy lady got her shit together. This meant I had to ask the lady to move about a foot so I could scan my credit card.

For some reason the lady got very angry at my request. She yelled at me. Other customers yelled at her on my behalf. It was very embarrassing. It also made me really late. The unexpected delay ate up all the time I allot for myself to bike to work so I had to drive.

Ordinarily a bike ride can cheer me right up so I drove home, ate lunch and biked back to work. At least I tried to bike back. On the way my rear rack fell apart and the brackets got tangled up in my spokes. I didn’t have time to walk my bike to Klunk so I tried to wedge the brackets out of the way. That didn’t work so I had to stop every 200 feet or so to move the stupid brackets out of the way again.

I was near tears when I finally arrived at the office so I chained my bike up, begged some zip ties from our maintenance team to fix my bike and went back to work where I realized one of my earrings was broken. Figures

It was sort of chilly today. Here’s what I wore:

Scarf to keep my ears warm, which was taken off at the office: Thrifted
Coat: Gap
Turtleneck: Old Navy — they’re on sale for, like, $6 right now
Pants: Banana Republic via Blackberry Exchange
Shoes: Target


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  1. Lea / Nov 15 2011 12:57 am

    Aw, i’m sorry You had a bad day, sis. What’d that asshole lady say to You? Stop being so cute?

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