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November 27, 2011 / comocyclechic

Turkey enchiladas, the electric slide and a twisted ankle

I spent the majority of the week in Colorado Springs celebrating my mom’s marriage and overeating. Mom and her fiance eloped two weeks ago, and they threw a lovely party for close friends and family. More about that later, though.

The wedding celebration was piggybacked on the Thanksgiving holiday. Mom made a traditional Thanksgiving dinner — turkey, rolls, dressing, mashers, gravy, etc., but she also made turkey enchiladas and tamales. These were marvelous, and I may or may not have eaten tamales for breakfast at least once. It was great while it lasted, but my rides to and from work will probably be a few pounds more difficult for the next couple of weeks.

Another thing that will probably make commutes more difficult for a time is the fact that I twisted my ankle coming down a flight of stairs. This has made walking rather uncomfortable for the last several days, and I wondered if it would prevent me from biking to work until it felt better.

Then I attended my mom’s wedding reception, where I watched my Aunt Deb dance the electric slide with a broken leg. No joke.


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  1. mzpez / Nov 28 2011 9:51 am

    hope you get your ankle checked. Sorry that happened. You never let on your ankle was hurting when you were bustin a move your self. You were lovely, as always. BTW, I’m still wearing my PJs.

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