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January 5, 2012 / comocyclechic

The day I didn’t wear a helmet

Skinnies for the road, pencil skirt for the office. One of the easiest bike-to-cubicle transitions out there.

I decided to bike without a helmet for the first time in years (because of my tall hairdo) and wouldn’t you know it a careless motorist nearly broadsided me. There I was, after work, biking west on Ash in the bike lane. It was dark, I had my head and tail lights on and some asshat tried to scoot across Ash from Aldeah to Anderson AT THE EXACT MOMENT I WAS IN THAT INTERSECTION. Then, while his or her bumper was almost kissing my leg, he/she HONKED AT ME. I had the right of way, and asshat was supposed to, you know, stop at his/her stop sign and wait for the street to clear before going.

Now that that’s off my chest I should say I don’t think this person was being malicious. He or she just probably didn’t see me — it WAS dark, after all.  Luckily nothing bad happened, but it could have easily been a serious accident. I have two dudes at home that I can’t get enough of, and it’s for them that I wear a helmet. Not everyone likes helmets, and I can’t get all judgey about someone else’s decision, but it’s the right choice for me.



  1. mzpez / Jan 5 2012 9:40 pm

    I hate to imagine what could have happened….those two dudes at home need you.

  2. Rosa Lea Lopez / Jan 6 2012 1:20 am

    It’s because of you I now say asshat, sis.

  3. Kim / Jan 6 2012 5:49 am

    Yikes – glad you didn’t get hit, and arrived safely home to your two dudes!

  4. Bradd / Jan 6 2012 3:33 pm

    Very glad you’re okay!! I have the exact same reason for leading a much more cautious life these days, only my two at home are chicas. 🙂

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